What Is The Difference Between PCOS and PCOD?

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diffrence between PCOS and PCOD

As now a state of situation where people face a lot of competition every day in their work life, there is a lot to suffer in the health sector. You cannot keep your health at risk in any situation. When we talk about health conditions, we should also consider women in some significant parts.

There are more hormonal issues that women face in daily life than men. It is not only related to the body, and it is more about the painful experience of dealing with day-to-day work.

Women feel a bit uneasy because of specific issues with their bodies, and hormonal diseases are among them. These diseases occur because of hormonal imbalances, and they have the capacity to make a person very easily fall ill.

PCOD and PCOS are one such state of health linked with the medical conditions women suffer during their reproductive age, i.e. around 12 to 52 years.

Many females get confused or maybe have no idea about these diseases. These conditions affect women’s ovaries, and they also go through facing the issues of reproductive organs. There will always be a disproportion in the essential hormones of a woman’s body, like progesterone and estrogen.

At least three out of ten women have some unstable conditions in their menstrual cycles, and their body also starts the production of male hormones, i.e. androgen, in some quantity. Their menstrual cycles keep skipping from the actual date.

Also, if anyone female has one of the above conditions, then it will make them more prone to many other diseases like

  • Diabetes
  • Acne and pimples
  • Excessive growth of hairs in the pubic region and all over the body.
  • Infertility
  • Swelling in body
  • Weight loss/ weight gain

Let’s read about these two diseases in detail.


PCOD is called Polycystic Ovarian Disease. It is a primary medical state where the women’s ovaries start the production of immature eggs or ova. These ovaries also can be partially mature sometimes.

Later, these ovaries form a cyst in the female’s body. Because of the production of male hormones, this creates an issue of infertility which means it becomes difficult for a woman to conceive a child in her womb.

Women also suffer from irregular periods or menstrual cycles. Almost every woman has even reported extreme hair loss in this condition. Their weight also keeps on fluctuating, and there can be a lot of gain or loss of weight.

It also makes the woman very weak and less energetic than before. She might feel struggle to complete the daily tasks of her routine.


PCOS is called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

This medical condition makes a woman’s life very hard and painful. This disease is more likely to occur in the reproductive years, and this also causes an imbalance in the menstruation cycles.

Because of the unpredictable ovulation, pregnancy becomes the next impossible task for the patient. It will be tough for a female to get pregnant if she suffers from PCOS. Hair growth in the body parts gets an excess during the issue.

Periods can also be very painful and hard to deal with.

The ovarian cyst is the most severe stage of the disease, and if this stage appears, it can only be treated by surgical methods.

Common Sign Of PCOD And PCOS

It cannot be predicted the exact time when you started suffering from these diseases. It is more likely to be a gradual process. It can even start from a very young age and make you go through it your whole life.

That is why many women have no proper knowledge of at least guessing the disease’s arrival. Therefore, females need to know about the signs and symptoms of PCOD and PCOS.

Symptoms Of PCOD And PCOS

  • An irregular menstrual cycle is also scientifically known as Oligomenorrhea.
  • Sometimes there can also be a state of no periods at all for many months. Skipping period dates is also one major problem, which is called Amenorrhea.
  • Massive unnecessary hair growth in different body parts like body, face, chest, belly, thighs and back.
  • Very much heavy bleeding during menstruation. Blood can also have lumps and very dark red. This is called Menorrhagia.
  • Excessive hair loss and even remaining hair get thinner, and the scalp gets dry.
  • There can be a lot of pimples, acne and pigmentation on the skin of the face.
  • Unnecessary weight gain. Many deposited fat can be seen in the thighs and belly area. Mainly it causes a widening of the body structure and also an improper posture.
  • Skin gets significantly darkened, specifically under the breast and neck.
  • Fatigue

Difference Between PCOD And PCOS 

Most women may not have that many resources to learn about their bodies’ hidden diseases. Due to this lack of knowledge, they generally get themselves in a state of juggling between this question: “ Is PCOD and PCOS the same thing or different?

No doubt that these two medical conditions are very similar, and both are related to hormones and ovaries. The symptoms and occurring age of both are also very much alike. But, still, there are a few differences between these two diseases. At least every woman should take out time to know about these things.




PCOD is one such disorder because two out of ten women of the world are suffering. PCOS is a challenging medical condition that 3% of the women in the world are dealing with.
In this condition, the ovaries of the females produce immature ovaries. These eggs can also be very partially mature in some cases. It is more of a metabolism disease. In the severe stage of PCOS, the female’s ovaries stop producing eggs at all.
It doesn’t affect the fertility capabilities of the woman because this disease majorly occurs because of the wrong and disturbed lifestyle and obesity. This always creates a risk for women to conceive a child. It leads to infertility, which is why females go through many complications even if they get pregnant. If the pregnancy occurs, it will always be at risk of mishaps like miscarriage or premature delivery of the child.
It does not cause many complications in the patient. Patients will always be prone to many other diseases like diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure.
It is curable through lifestyle improvement methods. Surgical methods can only treat the last stage of it.


Some significant issues of PCOD and PCOS:-

  • A very high level of androgen is not suitable for a female body. It directly affects health in many ways.
  • Very painful bleeding from the uterus.
  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • High blood pressure and a state of stroke can occur.
  • Stress and depression can happen very often.
  • Anxiety will occur because of abnormal hormones.
  • High breathing and sometimes even difficult breathing.
  • Continuous weight increase.
  • Miscarriage can happen.


Diagnosis of PCOD and PCOS:-

Diagnosis of both diseases is essential, and to accomplish it, one has to go to a professional doctor to get tested for such cases. It depends on the symptoms you might notice in yourself. Tell these to the doctor, and later they will guide you further.

Maybe the gynaecologist will ask you questions about your medical history and the current medications you are taking for any other disease.

The diagnosis of PCOD and PCOS can be made in the following ways:-

  • Examination of the pelvic region to check the deposition of masses and fats.
  • Blood testing to see the lipid profile and different hormonal levels.
  • Ultrasound test to prevent the size of ovaries and any other cyst formation.

Remedies and treatment for PCOD and PCOS:-

You can make specific modifications and changes to treat and cure your PCOD and PCOS. These changes can also be called home remedies, which will be easy for you to perform.

  • You need to exercise every day to keep yourself fit and disease free. Understand the BMI of your body and try to maintain it.
  • Try to limit your carbs consumption and be fixed to good and healthy eating habits.
  • Keep your weight under control and be in check after every few days.


As you have read that, how painful and severe this disease can be proved for you. So we advise you to take Ayurvedic treatment for your condition.

We believe that ayurvedic treatment is the best approach to treat any disease because it cures one of its roots without any side effects.

In Svasthvida, we provide the most suitable ayurvedic we provide the most suitable ayurvedic treatment for PCOS & PCOD. Consult our doctors for personalized care. 

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