Mix Fruit Gel / Hyaluronic Gel For Skin

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Mix Fruit Gel / Hyaluronic Gel by Veera Herbals is the most suitable moisturizing gel-based cream for oily and acne-prone skin, suitable for all skin types.


  • Gives a plump and hydrated look
  • Can prolong ageing of the skin
  • Helps to heal acne
  • Helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin
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    Mix Fruit Gel / Hyaluronic Gel is a non-sticky, non-comedogenic, colour free and fragrance-free ayurvedic gel for skin rejuvenation and smoothing. It enhances the result of cosmetic procedures, blood circulation, reduces pore size and makes your skin baby-soft. It has excellent spreadability which makes it cost-effective too.


    Papaya, pomegranate, carrot, mulberry, strawberry, orange extract, aloe vera, Hyaluronic acid (2%), Ultrex 20, water, glycerine, Xanthum gum, colour and lemon essential oil.


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