Cucumber & Aloe Vera Gel

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The Veera Herbals Nourishing Cucumber Aloe Vera Gel combines the goodness of both, thus helping improve your skin’s general condition.


  • Stops skin irritation
  • Lends soft and nourished skin
  • Lightens marks
  • Fights sunburns
  • Improves the skin’s natural firmness
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    Veera Herbals Aloe Vera & Cucumber Gel is a 100% natural product enriched with pure aloe vera and cucumber extracts. Both cucumber and aloe vera is known to be an effective remedy for multiple skin issues such as acne, rashes and cuts. You can also use this gel to prepare your skin before applying make-up.

    Cucumber extract, Aloe Vera, water-soluble colours, base qs, and fragrance. Fragrances and colours can be customised.


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