10 Ayurvedic Tips To Stay Healthy In Summers

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10 Ayurvedic Tips To Stay Healthy In Summers

As it is getting hot with each passing day, there is a high temperature everywhere. Summers have already arrived, and it is becoming complicated for people to cope with such increasing heat. Many people face various issues during this season, like dehydration, vomiting, and nausea are very common.

Then what should you do?

How to deal with such high temperatures?

Ayurveda is your one-stop solution. It says that summer is the pitta season, and it makes it necessary for everyone to keep their abdomen cool.

That is why eating healthily and drinking relaxing and cool water during the summer is suggested. Our professional practitioners of Ayurveda say that it is essential for us to eat more basic food. This will help us to fight the acid in our body.

10 Ayurvedic Tips To Stay Healthy In Summers

We have listed ten excellent Ayurvedic tips to stay healthy in the summer to solve this problem for you.

1. Eat Non-Acidic Food As Much As Possible

Summer causes pitta in the body, and to alleviate it, you should eat more basic food. It is essential for the relaxation of your body at such a high rate of temperature. Try to have coolant drinks to maintain coolness in the body.

You can have plums, melons, apples and berries. Make sure you eat more veggies to keep your protein content in check. All these things will be perfect for summertime.

2. Try To Avoid The Sizzlers

Yes! It generally means that you should avoid those food items which usually produce a lot of heat. Try not to eat sizzlers in the summers, as they are served very hot and can be dangerous for your intestinal functions. Make sure you do not consume citrus foods, garlic and chilli in the summers.

Doing this will reduce the heat production in your body. And the inside temperature of your body will be in control. Add more salads to your diet; include them in every meal of your day. Also, add cucumbers specifically to your salad to keep you hydrated all the time. Do not eat meat every day of the week.

3. Do Not Skip Meals

This is one of the essential tips of the summer that you should not skip your meals at any cost. There is a scientific reason for it; if you skip a meal of your day in summer, for example, if you miss a mid-day meal, it will cause a kind of fire and acid in your stomach.

So, to save yourself from this, one should always have their lunch and other meal of the day on time in the summer season. It would be best if you always kept your belly partially full.

4. Drinking Hot Water Is Not Good

During the summer, if you drink a lot of hot water, it will create pitta dosha in your body. Also, it can harm your alimentary canal, to be specific. Try to avoid hot beverages also as much as possible.

If you want to drink a bit, first keep it at room temperature and then drink. If you feel a significant urge to drink something, then you can have mint drinks or lassi ( made from curd).

5. Apply Essential Oils To Your Body

This tip can make you relax after a very long and stressful day. If you are exhausted and want to spend some time in peace, then follow this, you can add some rose petals to the water during bathing.

Rub oil on your body, and it will calm your senses for a moment. Apply oil all over the body and let the body absorb it. Later, go for a bath.

6. Perform Yoga In The Morning

Daily exercising in the morning during summer will boost you for the whole day. You should perform yoga poses to make yourself more flexible and healthy. Doing Surya Namaskar ( yoga positions) in the morning will make you feel much better because the morning is when the temperature is a bit low compared to the whole day.

Many doctors from all over the world also advise people to exercise every day, and it is an essential thing for yourself. If you ought to live a disease-free life and want to get rid of medications and injections, start exercising from today onwards.

7. Add Coolant Oils

Some available oils are great to have because of their cooling properties. In many parts of India, there are some natural drinks available in many states of India also, which are sometimes made of flowers and maybe fruits.

For example, there is a homemade drink made of khus-khus in Maharashtra. Also, in parts of Uttarakhand, a famous drink known as Buransh sharbat is made from a flower.

8. Stay Hydrated

Whether you accept it or not, your body needs water to function, and it is your essential need to fulfil it. Everyone should drink enough water on time to avoid dehydration. In summer, the earth’s atmosphere gets heated up, which causes extremely hot temperatures.

It is important to drink at least 3 litres of water every day. Keep a water bottle near you, and else you can even set the alarm to remind yourself.

9. Wear Loose Clothes

Ayurveda says that wearing tight clothes is not suitable for your body’s skin pores. You should wear cotton clothes more often, it is very relaxing and enables you to be a bit cool. You should wear loose-fitting clothes in the summer to let air pass in and out of your body.

10. Meditate To Keep Your Mind Calm And Cool

Yes! This is one such activity that will bring wonders to your life. If you have noticed, whenever people are a bit impatient and anxious, then they are the one who is more likely to get angry and stressed. Ayurvedic principles teach us to learn the balancing of mental and physical health at the same time for a healthy future.

In Ayurveda, it is already said that it is best to practice meditation in the pitta season. So, to maintain mental health in the hot temperature of summer, everyone should perform meditation.

So, cool your body and calm your mind to enjoy the summer season by staying healthy with these ayurvedic tips.


Staying healthy is one of the most essential parts because we don’t even know what mistake will bring chaos to our life and our lifestyle. So if you want some healthy diet tips and routines, you can contact us. Here in Svasthvida, we provide Ayurvedic remedies and tips for a healthy lifestyle.

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