HIV/AIDS Ayurvedic Treatment In Singapore

Ayurvedic Treatment For HIV/AIDS

Ayurvedic Treatment For HIV/AIDS In Singapore

Ayurvedic Treatment For HIV AIDS

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that directly attacks the human's body immune system, specifically the white blood cells called CD4 cells, and makes a person more vulnerable to other kinds of harmful infections and diseases. It is a very dangerous disease; if not treated can lead to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). At Svasthvida, we provide complete ayurvedic treatment for HIV/AIDS in Singapore with effective results & no side effects.

AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is the last stage of HIV infection. AIDS occurs in the human body when HIV badly damages the body's immune system. Without getting HIV medicine, people with AIDS hardly survive for about three years. When somebody has a hazardous opportunistic illness, life expectancy without treatment tumbles to around one year. But Due to the availability of medicine, Most people with HIV don't develop AIDS. But a person with HIV is deemed to have progressed with AIDS when:

The number of that human's CD4 cells falls below 200 cells per cubic millimetre of blood (200 cells/mm3). A human with a good immunity system counts CD4 cells between 500 and 1,600 cells/mm3. That Human develops more than one optimistic infection rather than low CD4 counts.

Stages Of HIV/AIDS

People will experience different stages of HIV when they don't take propertreatment for HIV. They will typically progress to three stages. But progression to the 3rd stage is less common nowadays because of the advancement of ayurvedic treatment than in earlier times. The three stages of the HIV Virus are:

Stage 1: Acute HIV Infection

In the first stage of HIV, people have a large amount of HIV in their blood, becoming very infectious. Some people may have flu-like symptoms, which is the body's natural response to HIV infection. But some people may not feel sick right away or feel any symptoms at all. If you have any symptoms that we stated above and think you may have been subjected to HIV, get medical care and ask for a test to diagnose acute infection as soon as possible. The only tests that diagnose acute infection are:

  • Antigen/Antibody Tests
  • Nucleic Acid Tests (NATs)

Stage 2: Chronic HIV Infection

The 2nd stage of the HIV Virus is also called asymptomatic HIV infection or clinical latency. In this stage, HIV is still active but reproduces or increases at deficient states. People may not have any symptoms or get sick during this phase. This period may last a decade or longer without taking any HIV medicine, but some people may progress faster. In this phase, People can transmit HIV. At the end of the second phase, the amount of HIV in the blood (called viral load) goes up, and the CD4 cell count goes down. There are high chances that the person may have symptoms as the virus levels increase in the body and the person moves into Stage 3. People who take HIV medicine at the proper time prescribed by the doctors may never move into the last stage or, say, Stage 3.

Stage 3: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Stage 3 of HIV Infection is the most dangerous phase of HIV AIDS infection. At this stage, people with AIDS have such badly damaged immune systems that their ability to fight any disease has decreased, and they get an increasing number of severe illnesses called opportunistic infections. People receive an AIDS diagnosis when their CD4 cell count drops below 200 cells/mm, or if they develop certain kinds of opportunistic infections. People with AIDS can have a high viral load and be very toxic. Without treatment, people with AIDS can hardly survive about three years.

At Svasthvida, we have a specialized team of best ayurvedic doctors in Singapore working to treat all types of chronic diseases across Singapore to make people's lives better and disease-free. For free consultation you can call us at +91-9316078128 right now.

How To Know If You Have HIV?

The only way to know if you are suffering from HIV or not is to get tested. Testing is moderately simple, and you can ask your medical services provider for an HIV test. Numerous clinical facilities, substance abuse programs, local area health Centers, and medical clinics offer them. You can likewise get a home testing unit from a medical store or online. You can also use an HIV Services Locator to find an HIV testing location near you or anywhere. In addition, if you are in Singapore, you can visit us at Svasthvida to get tested for HIV. At Svasthvida, we not only offer HIV testing services but also provide the best Ayurvedic treatment for HIV in Singapore. Our experienced team in Singapore is dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support for individuals to cure HIV.

Another option available for you to test for HIV if you don't want to go to a testing lab is HIV Self-testing. Self Testing for HIV allows you to test and check out the result of your testing at your home or any private location. You can easily get a testing kit at any pharmacy or online.

There are also some Health Departments or Community-Based Organizations that provide self-test kits for free. HIV testing is crucial as the sooner you get medicine, the more benefits you experience.

HIV/AIDS Ayurvedic Treatment In Singapore - Early Signs And Symptoms

Like other diseases, there are also symptoms of HIV, But according to our expert doctors in Singapore, some people do not feel symptoms in the first few months of getting infected, and hence they even don't know that they are infected. But some may experience influenza-like symptoms, also known as acute HIV infection, within 2-4 weeks after getting infected, which includes:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Rash
  • Night sweats
  • Muscle aches
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Mouth ulcers

But as the disease progresses, symptoms will be expanded and become more noticeable. Due to HIV, one's immunity system weakens and reduces the ability to fight any disease, and without treatment, people will be more responsive to other dangerous diseases that include:

  • Tuberculosis
  • Cryptococcal Meningitis
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Cancers including Lymphomas and Kaposi's Sarcoma

Get tested as early as possible if you are having any trouble related to your health, especially if you suspect you may have HIV. At Svasthvida, we offer Ayurvedic treatment for HIV in Singapore, and our experienced doctors can provide personalized treatment options to manage your condition.

HIV/AIDS Ayurvedic Treatment In Singapore - Main Causes Of HIV/AIDS

HIV developed first in the human body in the late 1800s. It is believed that HIV may have jumped from a type of Chimpanzee from Central Africa to Humans. The chimpanzee version of the virus is named SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus). It is believed that this virus from chimpanzees jumped into the human body after they hunted them for meat and got in contact with their infected blood. And later, over the decades, It slowly spreads across Africa and then to the rest of the world.

HIV destroys CD4 T cells - white blood cells that play a significant role in helping your body fight disease. The fewer CD4 T cells you have, the weaker your immune system becomes. According to our experts in Singapore you can have an HIV infection, with few or no symptoms, for years before it turns into AIDS. AIDS is diagnosed when the CD4 T cell count falls below 200 or you have an AIDS-defining complication, such as a severe infection or cancer.

How Svasthvida's Ayurvedic Doctors In Singapore Treat HIV/AIDS With Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the ancient and natural practice of curing any disease. In ancient times Ayurveda was the most effective way to cure any disease, and it is the natural way of treating any disease using natural herbs and practices.

Ayurvedic practices are the most effective treatment process for people having HIV, and it requires proper diagnosis and analysis to conduct an effective treatment further. In treating HIV, we mainly focus on stopping the viral replication, controlling the viral load, and improving CD4 cell count. We also emphasize restoring the disturbed immune system and providing treatment for opportunistic infections and other relevant symptoms in Singapore.

In the process of curing HIV with Ayurveda in Singapore, we include:

  • Panchakarma Detoxification Process
  • Proper Diet Plan
  • Lifestyle Changes

If the HIV patient gets the ayurvedic treatment for HIV on time, it is entirely preventable. So if you have any symptoms, try not to avoid them and get tested as early as possible. Explore holistic healing at our well-known Ayurvedic hospital/clinic. Our team of committed Ayurvedic HIV/AIDS Doctors provides personalized care and effective treatments.

To get a free consultation and complete Ayurvedic treatment for HIV/AIDS in Singapore (एचआईवी/एड्स का आयुर्वेदिक उपचार), Contact the best Ayurvedic doctors for HIV/AIDS in Singapore at Svasthvida. We give the right Ayuvedic treatment plan to entirely cure the HIV AIDS and make our patient's life better.

FAQs - Ayurvedic Treatment For HIV AIDS in Singapore

Ayurvedic treatment for HIV or AIDS at Svasthvida in Singapore aims to improve overall well-being and boost the immune system. While it may not cure the condition, it can help manage symptoms, enhance immunity, and improve the quality of life of HIV or AIDS patients.

Yes, the Ayurvedic treatments offered at Svasthvida in Singapore are safe for HIV or AIDS patients. The therapies and medications used are natural and tailored to each individual's needs, considering their condition and overall health.

The duration of Ayurvedic treatment for HIV or AIDS at Svasthvida in Singapore varies depending on individual factors, such as the stage of the condition, overall health, and response to treatment. The treatment plan will be customized to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Yes, Ayurvedic treatment at Svasthvida in Singapore can help manage HIV-related symptoms. The therapies and herbal medications aim to strengthen the immune system, reduce fatigue, boost energy levels, improve digestion, and promote overall well-being.

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