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Ayurvedic Treatment For Obesity

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Ayurvedic Treatment For Obesity

Obesity is a very complex disease in which a person's body fat increases in a swift. Obesity is also a cosmetic concern and a severe medical condition as no one wants to be called a fatty. Obesity can also cause joint pain in the legs, and due to excessive body weight, people find it difficult even to walk. An obsessed person finds it difficult to lose weight, including many factors, and this disease is also difficult to treat. At Svasthvida, we provide 100% natural Ayurvedic Treatment for Obesity in Seoul with no side effect. We are known as the renowned & best Ayurvedic Hospital / Clinic In Seoul.

Obesity is defined by the increase in the amount and the size of fat cells in the body. To check one's obesity, doctors measure the Body Mass Index (BMI) and Weight Circumference of that particular person. Obesity is considered a severe medical condition that can lead to serious medical conditions. There is a high risk of getting extreme medical conditions such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, cancers, and sleep disorders if not treated on time.

Obesity In Children Under The Age Of 5

For the children who are under the age of child said to be:

  • They are overweight when their weight-for-height is greater than two standard deviations (WHO Child Growth Standards median).
  • They suffer from obesity when their weight for height is greater than three standard deviations (WHO Child Growth Standards median).

Obesity In Children Under The Age Between 5 to 19

For the children of the age group between 5 to 19 said to be:

  • They are overweight when their Body Mass Index is greater than one standard deviation (WHO Growth Reference median).
  • They suffer from obesity when their Body Mass Index is greater than two standard deviations above (WHO Growth Reference median).

Obesity In Adults

For adults, it is said to be:

  • They are overweight when their BMI is greater than or equal to 25, according to WHO.
  • According to WHO, they are suffering from obesity when their BMI is greater than or equal to 30.

Obesity Ayurvedic Treatment In Seoul - Signs & Symptoms

There are not any specific symptoms of obesity. But still, there are some common and obvious symptoms of obesity explained by our expert doctors in Seoul that includes:

High Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body mass index determines if a person is underweight, healthy, overweight, or suffering from obesity. If, after calculation, your BMI shows a high value, this means that you are suffering from obesity and need to be appropriately diagnosed.
To calculate a person's BMI, you need to divide that person's weight (in kilograms) by his height (in meters squared).

Unhealthy Body Fat Distribution

Another symptom explaied by our experts in Seoul of Obesity is an unhealthy distribution of body fat. There are so many fat-containing tissues found in the different parts of the body, and these tissues have many functions to perform. Unhealthy fat distribution in the body is measured by waist circumference. An increased waist circumference suggests that you have increased fatty tissues in your abdomen area, and you are suffering from obesity.

Our Ayurvedic Treatment For Weight Loss In Seoul focuses on restoring balance and harmony within the body through personalized treatment plans. These may include herbal remedies, dietary modifications, lifestyle adjustments, detoxification procedures, stress management techniques, and Ayurvedic Remedies For Weight Loss In Seoul. With the guidance of our experienced Ayurvedic practitioners in Seoul, individuals can embark on a holistic journey towards achieving a healthy weight and overall well-being.

Obesity Ayurvedic Treatment In Seoul - Main Causes Of Obesity

Usually, Obesity is said to be caused when a person consumes more calories and burns less. After consuming these extra calories, our body then stores these calories in the form of fats.

Some other common causes of Obesity explained by our ayurveda experts that are difficult to control are:


In genetics cause, we conclude how a person's body processes food into energy and stores it. One of the leading genetic causes of obesity is leptin deficiency. Leptin is a hormone produced in fat cells to control weight by signalling the brain to eat less or stop eating when body fat goes too high. Your chances of having obesity will increase when one or both of your parents are suffering from obesity.

Physical Inactivity

Nowadays, physical inactivity is expected as most people work remotely, sitting on a chair the whole day, and this process goes on every week. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), there is a correlation between physical inactivity and gaining weight in both genders. Due to lack of activeness, fats consumed by our body cannot burn and keep on storing in a high volume and turn a person from ordinary to overweight.


Overeating is the most prominent cause of obesity as it directly leads to weight gain, most commonly when the diet is high in fats. According to Epidemiologic studies, diets high in fats and sugar directly contribute to a heavyweight gain. You can feel high carvings and start eating after small intervals that will directly lead to overweight and then obesity without even knowing.


Some medications that may lead to obesity are antidepressants, anticonvulsants, Equetro, some diabetes medications, and certain hormones such as oral contraceptives and corticosteroids. High blood pressure medications, antihistamines. In every individual, the reason for the weight gain with the medications may differ according to their health conditions.

Psychological Factors

For some people, their emotions will directly influence their eating habits. In some cases, it is found that when some people are angry or sad, or in any mood, they tend to eat a lot more than their usual diet, which directly leads to weight gain.


Some Diseases like hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome, Cushing's syndrome, and Prader-Willi syndrome can directly lead to obesity. If you have any of the diseases, then there are high chances of weight put on or obesity, and in that case, you need to consult your doctor.

At Svasthvida, we have a specialized team of the best Ayurvedic doctors in Seoul, offering the best Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss and treating other chronic diseases across Seoul to make people's lives better and disease-free. For free consultation you can call us at +91-9316078128 right now.

How Svasthvida's Ayurvedic Doctors In Seoul Treat Obesity With Ayurveda?

In Ayurveda, obesity is defined as the excessive amount or quantity of Meda (fat) and Mamsa (muscle tissue) in an individual that directly leads to fattiness in that person's hips, abdomen, and breast. Obesity in Ayurveda is considered one of Santarpanottha Vikaras ( disease occurs due to consumption of high calories in the body).

At Svasthvida, we provide a healthy and the best Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss in Seoul. From diet plans to exercise, we consider everything in treatment in Seoul to see a progressive change in the patient's body. During Ayurvedic treatment of obesity in Seoul, we recommend Langhan (Fasting), Ama Pachan, Ruksha Udwartan (Dry medicated powder massage), a healthy and nourishing diet plan for weight loss and Physical exercises along with some mental work to burn calories. We also include some fat-burning herbs to reduce a certain amount of fat in every meal to gain optimum progress in treatment.

To get a free consultation and complete Ayurvedic Treatment for Obesity in Seoul (मोटापे का आयुर्वेदिक उपचार), book an appointment with our best Ayurvedic doctors at Svasthvida in Seoul. We give the right ayurvedic treatment plan to entirely cure the Obsity and make our patient's life better.

FAQs - Ayurvedic Treatment For Obesity in Seoul

Ayurvedic treatment for obesity in Seoul involves a personalized approach that includes dietary modifications, herbal medications, detoxification therapies (Panchakarma), stress management techniques, and physical activities tailored to an individual's body type and specific needs.

Yes, dietary modifications are a crucial aspect of Ayurvedic treatment for obesity in Seoul. Our expert Ayurvedic practitioner will provide personalized dietary guidelines based on your body type, metabolism, and overall health to promote weight loss and overall well-being.

Yes, Ayurvedic treatment at Svashtvida in Seoul can be combined with exercise for obesity management. Physical activities, such as yoga, walking, and specific exercises recommended by an Ayurvedic practitioner, can enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

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