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Ayurvedic Treatment For Hypertension

Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Hypertension In Schaan

Ayurvedic Treatment For Hypertension

Blood pressure is the amount of blood that your heart pumps and the force that your heart has to do to flow blood in your arteries. The more blood your heart pumps and the smaller your arteries, the higher your blood pressure will be. At Svasthvida, the ayurvedic treatment for hypertension in Schaan is provided to patients with hypertension, low and high BP. Hypertension is a condition in most people that causes the long-term force of the blood against your artery walls to be very high. Hypertension for an extended period may cause several life-threatening diseases like a heart attack or blood clotting in your brain. The human body has two types of blood pressure in its veins:

Top Blood Pressure: The pressure in your arteries when your heart beats is your top blood pressure.

Lower Blood Pressure: The pressure in your arteries between beats of the heart is your lower blood pressure.

Hypertension Ayurvedic Treatment In Schaan- Early Signs And Symptoms

Hypertension (high blood pressure) can be present in your body for years without any symptoms. Even without any symptoms, Hypertension can cause damage to your blood vessels and your heart.

Some of the symptoms of Hypertension are:

  • Severe headache
  • Fatigue or confusion
  • Vision problems
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Blood in the urine
  • Pounding in your chest, neck, or ears

Hypertension Ayurvedic Treatment In Schaan - Main Causes Of Hypertension

Smoking: The nicotine in cigarette smoke increases your blood pressure and heart rate. It also shrinks your arteries, hardens their walls, and makes your blood more thick and oily, likely to clot. Smoking is dangerous to your heart, and due to excessive smoking, you may face a heart attack or a store in the future.

Overweight: In most medical studies, it is found that overweight people are more likely to get high blood pressure than slim and fit people.So it is advised by our expert doctors for hypertension patients to exercise regularly to control their high blood pressure.

More Salt Intake: Eating more than enough salt, which contains sodium, forces your body to hold the extra amount of water to "wash off" the salt from your body. Some people may face a rise in blood pressure, and the additional water in your blood puts a lot of stress on your heart and blood vessels.

Alcohol Consumption: Drinking alcohol can raise your blood pressure. The more alcohol you intake, the higher your BP will be. Consuming more than 3-4 drinks of alcohol per day can double the risk of Hypertension (High BP).

Stress: It has been shown and proven in the studies that taking too much stress in day-to-day life may be a reason for your Hypertension. Taking stress affects your mind and your neuro system, which controls all the movement of our organs in our body. Indirectly by taking the stress, our mind releases adrenaline in our bloodstream, which leads to higher blood pressure.

Old Age: As we grow older, our skin and muscles lose their elasticity and become harder. The same thing happens with our arteries and veins, as the hard blood flow is interrupted by them, which leads to high blood pressure. So older adults are more likely to get high blood pressure, and they should check their blood pressure more regularly.

At Svasthvida, we have a specialized team of the best ayurvedic doctors in Schaan working to treat all types of chronic diseases across Schaan to make people's lives better and disease-free. They will provide you with the best Ayurvedic Medicine For Hypertension In Schaan (उच्च रक्तचाप की आयुर्वेदिक दवा).

For free consultation you can call us at +91-9316078128 right now.

How Svasthvida's Ayurvedic Doctors In Schaan Treat Hypertension With Ayurveda?

At Svasthvida, our treatment for Hypertension in Schaan is aimed at identifying the root cause of the problem. We firstly do checkups of your body for three ayurvedic doshas, and depending on the result of the test, we finalize the Ayurvedic treatment for Hypertension in Schaan.

In our treatment in Schaan, we include herbal decoction and complete body detoxification to eliminate the root cause of Hypertension. In addition, our ayurvedic treatments in Schaan help remove toxins from the body and cleanse our body to regulate the smooth flow of blood in all body channels.

With Svasthvida herbal medications and Ayurvedic procedures in Schaan, yoga is essential in our Ayurvedic treatment plan to relax the mind and body. Our doctors evaluate the overall body health condition and prepare a diet and lifestyle plan according to your Vata, pitta, and Kapha. They treat your Hypertension in the following two stages:

In The Starting Stage

Hypertension can be treated with ayurvedic herbal medicines which balance the Vata and pitta dosha. Panchakarma therapies such as Shirodhara are recommended to relax the mind. As stress and the hardening of veins are also a reason for high blood pressure, panchakarma can be very beneficial for you because it relaxes your mind and the muscles and veins of your body.

In The Advanced Stage

High blood pressure starts affecting essential organs such as the heart, brain, and kidney. Svasthvida Ayurvedic Hypertension Treatment in Schaan involves balancing all imbalanced doshas, cleansing the body's toxins, and strengthening metabolism. Panchakarma also helps in the long-term management of blood pressure and mental stress.

At Svasthvida - Ayurvedic Treatment center in Schaan, we specialize in providing the best Ayurvedic medicine for high BP. We understand the importance of personalized care, so we prioritize individual attention based on your specific type of disease. Our experienced doctors will carefully assess your condition and design a customized health program tailored to your needs. Rest assured, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care and helping you manage your hypertension effectively. Choose Svasthvida for the best Ayurvedic treatment for high BP and experience the benefits of our expertise in hypertension management. We are known as the renowned & best Ayurvedic Hospital / Clinic In Schaan.

To get a free consultation and complete Ayurvedic Treatment for Hypertension in Schaan (उच्च रक्तचाप के लिए पूर्ण आयुर्वेदिक उपचार), book an appointment with our best Ayurvedic doctors at Svasthavida in Schaan. We give the right Ayurvedic treatment plan to entirely cure the Hypertension and make our patient's life better.

FAQs - Ayurvedic Treatment For Hypertension In Schaan

The Ayurvedic treatment at Svasthvida in Schaan for hypertension focuses on balancing the doshas (energies) in the body through herbs, dietary recommendations, stress management techniques, and detoxification methods. This approach aims to improve overall health and bring blood pressure levels under control.

The duration to see results may vary depending on the severity of hypertension and individual response to treatment. Some individuals may experience positive changes in a few weeks, while others may require a longer duration for noticeable improvements.

Yes, dietary recommendations are an integral part of Ayurvedic treatment for hypertension at Svasthvida in Schaan. Svasthvida's experts will provide guidance on suitable foods, herbs, and spices that can help manage blood pressure levels effectively.

Ayurvedic treatment for hypertension at Svasthvida in Schaan aims to manage blood pressure levels naturally. Over time, with improvements in lifestyle and overall health, it is possible to reduce the dependence on hypertension medication. However, any changes in medication should be done under medical supervision.

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