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Ayurvedic Treatment For Back Pain

Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Back Pain In Ambattur

Ayurvedic Treatment For Back Pain

Back pain is a general health problem in almost everyone's life. Not only adults but youngsters also suffer from back pain these days. It is a condition that causes an ache, irritation, inflammation(pain), or uneasiness in the spine. Back pain usually may occur in a few parts of the spine, the lower part of the spine, or the whole spine from upwards to downwards.

In some cases, Back pain can even reach your neck (commonly known as cervical), lower back, pelvis, calf muscles, legs, and feet. Some people experience back pain a little too frequently due to the habit of sitting in the wrong posture or weakening of bone and inflammation in muscles as their age passes. In contrast, others experience it once in a while due to certain conditions like sleeping in the wrong position or carrying a heavy load. At Svasthvida ayurvedic treatment centre for back pain we offer best and highly spedialised ayurvedic doctors in Ambattur at the treatment of your back, neck and spinal pain.

Studies found that more than 60% of the population in Ambattur has either experienced back pain once or is still suffering from it. Most women suffer from back pain after pregnancy and childbirth. Lack of calcium in bones makes bones weak and causes back pain in people of different age groups. An orthopedist may diagnose back pain either through lab testing or imaging tests.

Lab Testing:An orthopedist may diagnose back pain through laboratory testing that includes White blood cell count, CRP(C- reactive protein test, urine infection test, or ESR( erythrocyte sedimentation rate).

Imaging Testing:Imaging tests such as X-Ray, CT Scan, and MRI come under Imaging tests. Though at the initial stages of back pain, the orthopedist does not perform imaging tests, an imaging test may be recommended if the symptoms become severe and do not get controlled.

Back pain goes away if a person follows a healthy lifestyle and exercises every day. Exercise and health treatments also help cure back pain and provide relief to the patient. Ayurveda has also proved to be an incredible ayurvedic treatment and therapy in curing back pain and providing complete relief using Panchkarma, Agnikarma therapies, ayurvedic and herbal medicines. At Svasthvida, our best ayurvedic doctors in Ambattur provide complete ayurvedic treatment for backpain in Ambattur with effective results & no side effects.

Back Pain Ayurvedic Treatment- Early Signs And Symptoms

Back pain symptoms may vary according to age, severity, medical history. It may include dull or severe ache or inflammation, irritation, uneasiness, stiffness, and fatigue.

Dull Or Severe Ache:A person suffering from back pain usually experiences dull or severe pinching ache in different parts of their back. They may experience extreme pain in the neck, followed by an inability to move the neck or extreme stiffness near the shoulders, which is commonly known as cervical pain. Cervical pain even reaches your whole back, causes fatigue, and may even cause headaches and spins at frequent times. Some people may experience pain in the middle and lower back, pelvis, and sometimes even the calf muscles, legs, and feet. The back pain may sometimes be dull or even unbearable at times.

Irritation:Back pain can be unbearable and may irritate while doing regular chores, followed by an inability to bend having trouble sleeping.
Back pain even causes burning sensations in different parts of your back.

Uneasiness:Back pain even causes uneasiness, and the person suffering from it can experience discomfort leading to a lack of sleep and inability to sit and stand properly.

Stiffness:Back pain causes pain in the muscles and bones. The person might feel tightness in the body that ultimately leads to uneasiness in moving, walking, or working.

Fatigue:The person suffering from back pain always feels fatigued (tired) and discomfort in the body.

At Svasthvida, we have a specialized team of best ayurvedic doctors in Ambattur working to treat all types of chronic diseases across Ambattur to make people's lives better and disease-free. For free consultation you can call us at +91-93160-78128 right now.

Back Pain Ayurvedic Treatment- Main Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain is of different types, and the causes too differ accordingly.

Here are some significant causes of back pain:

  • Spine Disease:Commonly found in overweight people, especially in men. This spinal disease is called lumbar disk disease. A lack of exercise and an active lifestyle may cause lumbar disk disease.
  • Slip Disc:It is a condition where the disc between the spinal bones takes a rubbery form. A slipped disc usually occurs at the lower part of the back.
  • Spondylitis:Spondylitis occurs in older adults and may cause the spine to weaken and be bent forward. It may advance as the individual ages and advances towards old age.
  • Injury:Back pain may even occur due to a back injury.
  • Arthritis:Inflammation(pain), tightness, and discomfort in one or multiple joints. It may become severe with advancing age, especially in old age people.
  • Bad Postures:Back pain may even occur if a person has a bad posture.
  • Other Factors:Other factors include Osteoporosis, accident or fractures in vertebrae, Cancer, etc. Back pain can also be associated with other diseases in other body parts that affect a person's spine and cause severe pain.

How Svasthvida's Ayurvedic Doctors In Ambattur Treat Back Pain With Ayurveda?

Our Ayurvedic doctors at Svasthvida in Ambattur have been providing the best Ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Ambattur and have treated countless patients so far. Best ayurvedic doctors in Ambattur dedicate health services to providing people with a gift of a healthy and happy lifestyle. We have many years of experience in Ayurveda and help cure diseases that disrupt a person's daily life activities. While other medications may not guarantee a complete cure, Ayurveda has proved to be a miraculous treatment and therapy in Ambattur that can cure severe diseases entirely. Our expert Ayurvedic doctors in Ambattur use all the following methods mentioned below to cure back pain altogether.

Panchakarma:Our Ayurveda experts at Svasthvida, Ambattur treat imbalanced Kapha, Vata, and Pitta dosha through five stages of Panchakarma that involve using ayurvedic herbs, herbal oils, and medicated turmeric milk, and other Ayurvedic medicines and Rasayana.

Agnikarma:This Ayurvedic therapy has proven to be miraculous since ancient times. This therapy includes the application of heat using a Shalaka( a needle-like metallic device). Our Ayurveda experts at Svasthvida first diagnose the affected areas, Mark them, and then the Shlaka is heated and pierced onto the affected parts. The burning Shalaka piercing though it might be painful, does not cause any infection and is a hundred percent safe, and provides a hundred percent pain relief.

Ayurvedic Medications:Our Ayurvedic experts at Svasthvida use Ayurvedic medications like Swarna Bhasma, medicated Churan(medicated powder), and other herbal medications like Shallaki, Guggulu, etc.

Ayurvedic Physiotherapy:Our Svasthvida experts in Ambattur also perform Ayurvedic Physiotherapy and suggest yogic exercises to the patients suffering from back pain. Some yoga exercises for back pain relief:

  • Cobra pose(Sarpasana)
  • Child pose
  • Cat and Cow Pose
  • Locust pose(Salabhasana)
  • Shavasana
  • Adho Mukha Shavasana
  • Paschimottanasana
  • Parvatasana
  • Salamba Bhujangasana
  • Trikonasana(Triangle pose)

Practicing these yoga poses may help you get relief from back pain and lead you toward a healthy lifestyle. If you perform these exercises incorrectly, it may lead to severe injuries. So, our best ayurvedic doctors in Ambattur suggest you perform these exercises under an expert's supervision and care. Not only yoga, but a person should also eat nutritious food to avoid getting severe diseases. Good food nutrition is a must for a healthy and disease-free lifestyle.

To get a free consultation and completeAyurvedic treatment for Back Pain in Ambattur (कमर दर्द का पूर्ण आयुर्वेदिक इलाज), book an appointment with our best Ayurvedic doctors at Svasthavida in Ambattur. We in Ambattur give the right Ayurvedic treatment plan to entirely cure the Back Pain and make our patient's life better.

FAQs On Ayurvedic Treatment For Back Pain in Ambattur

While some people experience back pain for a short while and their back pain eventually goes away, others might suffer from it for a longer time. But healthcare experts can cure back pain entirely, and the person suffering from it may live a healthy and comfortable life. Ayurveda has proved its efficiency in curing diseases like this since ancient times and has given the gift of healthy life to countless people.

If your back pain is too frequent and is causing distress and discomfort around your neck, shoulder, pelvic area, bowel, reaching your legs and feet, and even causing swelling, you need to seek help from health care experts and get your back pain diagnosed. Neck pain(cervical) and lower back pain are severe medical conditions and disrupt a person's day-to-day activities leading to severe discomfort. Hence, if you experience such uneasiness, you should immediately seek medical help.

Muscle back pain occurs due to tearing or injuring muscles that lead to discomfort in sitting and moving. Muscle pain can be dull or piercing or even cause electric sensations in your body. While spinal back pain is the outcome of bad posture, spinal diseases, slip discs, etc., and may even reach down to your legs and feet, leading to inability to bend, walk, move, and swelling in the feet.

There is no easy and instant way to cure back pain. Still, you can get rid of the back pain by eating healthy food, taking adequate nutrition, exercising, walking, avoiding heavy workloads, and living a healthy lifestyle.

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