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Ayurvedic Treatment For Drug & Alcohol De-Addiction

Addiction is a condition in which a person cannot stop the usage of addictive substances or drugs like alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and hash, even if the substances are causing harm to their body. Drugs and alcohol addictions can severely interfere with your daily life. The addicted person can cycle between intense and mild use. Notwithstanding the cycles, addictions will worsen over time. Addiction can lead to permanent health complications for the addict and severe financial consequences like bankruptcy. At Svasthvida, we provide complete ayurvedic treatment for De-Addiction in Amritsar with proven results & no side effects.

We can not say that a person with high willpower can't become an addict. Addiction is a potent and complicated issue, increasing day by day in our societies. People who have a drug or alcohol addiction cannot quit easily, even if they want to quit. The drugs change the brain functioning and hormones drastically, which makes it quitting physically and mentally challenging. Treating de-addiction requires lifelong care and rehabilitation therapy.

A Drug addict can start using drugs as an experiment, and slowly the usage of drugs becomes more frequent. Some other users began to take these drugs like opioids and morphine with exposure to prescribed medicines or receiving medications from a friend or relative who has been named the medication. The risk of addiction varies by type of drug. Some drugs, like opioid painkillers, are more addictive than others.

As time passes, you feel like you are not getting a higher dose as you experienced before, so you will start to take larger doses of the drug to get high. After some time, you may need the drug to feel good. And after all, if you want to quit drugs, it may cause intense desires to consume the drug and make you feel physically ill.

Types Of Addictions

Substance Use Disorders:The different types of drug or substance addiction that can happen to a person. Some of the typical substance use addictions are:

  • Alcohol-related disorders
  • Caffeine-related disorders
  • Cannabis-related disorders
  • Hallucinogen-related disorders
  • Opioid-related disorders
  • Sedative-, hypnotic-, or anxiolytic disorders
  • Stimulant-related disorders
  • Tobacco-related disorders

Behavioural Addictions:Nowadays, people are not only addicted to drugs and alcohol but addicted to different types of addictions like:

  • Masturbation
  • Gambling
  • Anger
  • Food
  • Technology
  • Sex
  • Work

Stages Of Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction grows through various stages because, at the starting of your addiction, your brain and body's reactions are different from those at the last stage of drug or alcohol addiction. Here are the following four stages of addiction:

Experimentation:In this stage, a non-addictive person tries a substance for the first time to get a high experience. Most people try the substance under the influence of their friends and society.

Social Or Regular:In this stage, the person regularly takes narcotics substances in small amounts, especially in social gatherings like birthday parties and marriages.

Problematic:In this stage of drug use, the person starts to abuse these drugs that can affect his health and be fatal to health.

Dependency:In this stage, the drug starts to use drugs more than 2-3 times a day, despite thinking about the possible adverse outcomes.

Drug Addiction Ayurvedic Treatment- Early Signs And Symptoms

The symptoms of different types of drug addictions can be different, and some drugs have a higher risk of addiction.

  • Intense urge to use drugs or medication frequently.
  • Need more quantity of the substance to get the same effect.
  • Feel alive when high on drugs, but feels shaky, depressed, and confused when you are sober.
  • Can't stop yourself from taking the drug.
  • Getting drug supplies at any cost.
  • Your health declines drastically.
  • Steal money to buy drugs.
  • Experiences withdrawal symptoms when stops taking the drugs.

At Svasthvida, we have a specialized team of best ayurvedic doctors in Amritsar for de-addiction in Amritsar working to treat all types of chronic diseases across Amritsar to make people's lives better and disease-free. For free consultation you can call us at +91-93160-78128 right now.

De-addiction Ayurvedic Treatment- Main Causes Of Drug Addiction?

Genetics and Family History:If your family or relatives experienced drug addictions, then your chances of getting it becomes more because some genes react to some drugs the same as your ancestors responded to them.

Environmental Cause:The environment also plays a primary role in drug addiction because if your friends or family members are drug abusers, then the chances of being a drug addict also get high. Some examples of environmental factors are:

  • Drugs use among friends
  • Lack of social support
  • Bad relationships
  • Stress in life

Psychological Cause:Psychological factors also play a vital role in the drug addiction problem. If you ever faced any traumatic experience like an accident, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and fights with parents as teenage all these factors affect our physiological behaviors and may lead to drug addiction. Other psychological factors are:

  • Depression
  • Lack of friends
  • Traumatic events

How Svasthvida's Ayurvedic Doctors In Amritsar Treat Drug Addiction With Ayurveda?

To quit drug and alcohol addictions, you need the help of a doctor, family members and friends who do not take drugs. Svasthvida in Amritsar offers the best ayurvedic treatment plan for drug and alcohol addict people who willingly want to leave the life-threatening habit. Our ayurvedic doctors customise the ayurvedic treatment for deaddiction in Amritsar for de-addiction depending upon the condition of the patient. With the help of Ayurveda and yoga practises, we give a new life to a drug and alcohol addict person with zero side effects.

At Svasthvida, our ayurvedic treatment in Amritsar for drugs and alcohol de-addiction aim to flush out the toxins from the body. We divided this treatment plan into two phases.

In The First Phase:Our ayurvedic doctors will perform Panchakarma and Rasayana therapy which will flush out all the toxins built up by using harmful drugs. Therefore, our ayurvedic treatment for de-addiction in Amritsar for drug and alcohol de-addiction also includes Rasayana therapy. Our team of best ayurvedic doctors in Amritsar use different types of natural herbs and medicines that will reduce your urge to consume drugs and repair your internal organs affected by drugs.

At Svasthvida, under the guidance of the best ayurvedic doctors, you will be offered a full-body detoxification and rehabilitation treatment. You will get herbal oil massages, Dhara, Navarakizhi, Thailam, herbal steam bath, along with oral ayurvedic medicines, which would detoxify your body from the inside and boost your recovery rate.

In The Second Phase:We treat our patients depending on their three doshas. Because at Svasthvida, we offer personalised ayurvedic treatment for de-addiction in Amritsar for de-addiction depending upon the type and stage of the issues. As we also know, drug addiction is related to the body and the mind. Hence, our team of best ayurvedic doctors in Amritsar give our patients a complete detoxifying in which we focus on psychological aspects also. We do it with the help of ayurvedic doctors for de-addiction who will perform therapies like individual counselling, spiritual counselling, awareness classes, prayer sessions, yoga therapy and meditation.

We also take care of your diet because it can boost your recovery rate, so our experts will prepare a personalized Ayurvedic diet plan only for you. At Svasthvida, we offer de-addiction therapy with high success rates using Ayurvedic and herbal medications. Our team of best ayurvedic doctors in Amritsar promise you complete recovery from drug addiction and make your body, mind, and soul a better place.

To get a free consultation and completeAyurvedic treatment for Drugs and Alcohol De-Addiction in Amritsar (नशीली दवाओं और शराब की लत छुड़ाने के लिए पूर्ण आयुर्वेदिक उपचार), book an appointment with our best Ayurvedic doctors at Svasthavida in Amritsar. We give the right treatment plan to entirely cure the disease and make our patient's life better.

FAQs On Ayurvedic Treatment For Drug & Alcohol De-Addiction in Amritsar

People who use drugs, feel intoxicated after using it. The more they intake drugs, the more their brains are adapted to feel high. But to attain the same level of satisfaction as drugs, addicts have to consume more drugs because the brain becomes used to them. As the person consumes more drugs, he stops enjoying the other aspects of life. When the person does not take that drug daily, he feels like something is missing from his life and develops the urge to use more drugs.

Any person can become a substance addict. No one knows which person is more likely to develop an addiction. Your surroundings can affect the chance of being addicted to substance use. For example, stress, peer pressure, society, friends, and early exposure to drugs can raise the risk. People who started to take drugs in their teenage are more likely to be an addict. Teens who are exposed to drugs are more likely to do risky things.

Around 11% of the population uses or abuses illegal drugs like marijuana and prescribed medications. Most people develop an addiction to alcohol and cigarettes, which leads to early death.

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